Saturday, September 20, 2008

Reciprocity (III)

My Beloved Sister,

How are you doing? Hope you have found the previous messages useful.
Today we'd finish the series on Reciprocity with "Love is Reciprocal". My assumption is that you have understood that Trust and Respect will help with the foundation of Love.

Let me mention 3 types of love relevant for this context:
Eros, Philia and Agape. Visit HERE for details on the 3 types of love.

The Love I'd like us to focus on is Agape Love. This is the love that exists in relationships that last. It is the love that can rekindle Eros and Philia. It is the love that forgives, sacrifices, does not compete or envy a partner, and does not expect in return. It is the love that makes you pray for rather than curse a person. It is the love that makes you overlook (not be unaware of) a person's imperfections. It is the love that says, "I believe in you and I forgive you for not calling on my birthday". Forgive here means you do not mention it again.

When you show someone love, repeatedly and consistently, the person's heart gradually softens until the person cannot help but requite your love. It does not matter how long. The day will surely come.

If you are not sure how to show love, ask God. He is ready to teach you.

Recommended Reading:
1. The Lady, Her Lover, and Her Lord by T. D. Jakes
2. The Bible: 1 Corinthians 13: 4-7
3. L.O.V.E.

My Very Best Wishes...


aloted said...

Agape love..hmmmmmmmmmm

Thanks for sharing ...i'll go meditate on this

Uzezi said...

eros love is erotica right? and agape, God's kind of love. which one is the other one?

Im still waiting for your book o, or better still i publish you.

Ms. emmotions said...

this is definatly 'true word'
am fine dear and thanx for d love,
how u dey ur self

Aphrodite said...

If you show some people love and more love, they end up resenting you more. Well thats always in the EROS kind of relationship, I guess.

Rita said...

@Aloted: You're welcome. Thank you for checking up on me. I'm back...pls update so I can be first on ur blog...

@Uzezi: Philia is friendship love, they way you like a close friend.

Do you publish? If you do, maybe I'll be encouraged to write a book.

@Ms. Emmotions: So glad to know u're fine. I'm fine too, thank you.

@Aphrodite: I think there are some people that if you show all kinds of love, they will still take you for granted :-( but with Eros, the hurt/pain is so much on the person whose love is not returned...
Thank u so much for ur love...really appreciate it.

theicequeen said...

wow. So true, Rita, so true, i was nodding all through the post. Love is indeed reciprocal..ah, mehn, if i start quoting the places i felt, i'd have to copy and paste the entire post. It is overlooking the imperfections, like you say, not that you become brainwashed, it's loving them despite their imperfections, and learning to appreciate that their imperfections are what makes them unique..ahhh, loved this...

ooh and you linked me as recommended reading....*huge grin* glad to be of help!

Rita said...

@ Theicequeen: You're welcome...I'm glad you liked the post...